Associate Members 2019

Financial Associate Memberships were launched in 2014 as a way to “Crowd Fund” the ASRU. Since 2009 it has become increasingly difficult to find sponsorships that fully cover the costs associated with the operations of the Union. The remaining funds come from Corporate Sponsorship, fundraising and direct player levies.

It is wonderful to see the broader rugby community, parents, past players, Wallabies, rugby organisations, schools, rugby clubs and businesses have all contributed to raising significant funds for the Australian Schools Rugby Union.

If you would like to join or renew your membership, you can visit the on line registration by clicking: TryBooking

Four levels of Membership:

i.               Individual Membership             $100 per year

ii.               Student Membership                 $50 per year for Full time Students

iii.               Club/School Membership       $500 per year

iv.               Corporate Membership              $1,000 per year

Past Members:

Corporate, Schools & Clubs  
NSW Waratahs Rugby
RUGBY LEADERSHIP, a Division of Expert Rugby Consultants, Enrique TOPO Rodriguez
Sydney University Rugby Union Club
St Augustine’s College
The Scots College
Melbourne Grammar School
Knox Grammar Black & Blue Rugby Supporters Club
Cranbrook School Supporters Club
St Edmund’s College ACT
St Ignatius’ College, Riverview
Geelong Grammar School – John Lewis Rugby Supporters Club
Gregory H Peterson
Bill Pulver Greg Harris Tony Melrose
Michael Hawker Phil Harry George Merriman
Robert Wallace AM Paul Hartmann Ian Miller
Brad Allan Anna Hayes Andrew Moloney
Lachlan Anderson Tony Hayes Tony Muston
Chuck Ardron WW Henley Shane Nightingale
Glenn Bailey Jed Hogan Mark Oakford
Greg Bamford John Howard John Papahatzis
Charles Blunt Hugo Engele Brock Parker
Luke Bower Henry Hutchison Brian Peace
Robert Bradley Merrick Ilett Edward Reed
Robert Bruce Mclean Jones Nigel Renton
Bradford Burke Rod Kafer Christopher Roche
Hannah Catchpole Tim Kava Tony Ryan
Tim  Cleary Andrew Kennewell Robert Shields
Andrew Cleverley Wally Lewis Dr Robert Smethills OAM
Owen Craig Thomas Lombardo Mike  Stirzaker
David Crouch Jim Lucey Nick Stirzaker
Damian Duffy Lachlan Andrew Maclean Geoff Stooke
Suzanne Duffy Andrew Ian Maclean Geoff Summerhayes
John Eales Luke Mann Hugh Summerhayes
Michael Egan Carl Marshall Greg Thompson
John Elliot John Matheson Phil Tuck
Sonia Elliot Michael Maxwell Stephen Tulevski
Joshua Ellis-Flint Jack McCalman Dominic Vaughan
Scott Ellis-Flint Jock McCormack Brad Wilkin
Peter Falk Peter McPherson Ema Yandall
Matthew Furrer Stuart Meade  Jonathan Burr
George Gavalas Warwick Melrose  Philip van Schalkwyk
 Greg Gerrard  Ed Craig  Owen Craig
Libby Nankivell