Australian Schoolboys training camp images

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‘Not passed me, mate.’
Will Goddard and forward drills
Mark Moxon, CoachAustralian Schoolboys

Mark Moxon, Coach, Australian Schoolboys

Andrew McFarlane, the entire team is with you

The Australian Schoolboys Rugby team in a training camp
Jay Ingleton moving the ball

Lunch at the home of the Waratahs.

Playmaker, Manus Bailey

The team’s tall timber: Darcy Fogarty (left) and Wil Taylor (right)

Jakeb Horne 

Leo Bassingthwaighte, Vice Captain and Sebastian Bush, Captain
The Australian Schoolboys Rugby team 2022

The Australian Schoolboys Rugby team in a training camp

Will Taylor calling the shots
Warm up and stretching

The backs are expected to be lethal in Japan

PJ Poutasi

The Australian Schoolboys team 2022


2024 ASRU Championships

The ASRU would like to formally invite State and Territory affiliates to participate in the 50th Australian Schools Rugby Championships. … Continued